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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We value your feedback greatly and we would really appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes of your free time and let us know more about your experience of working with us.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning Company Fremont handles most residential carpet cleaning cases but we have the potential to handle commercial carpet cleaning cases.

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

We have expanded our scope of services and now our clients can get access to microfiber sofa cleaning which we are proud to offer them.

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Rugs common Questions

Find out the answers to questions about how to ensure that your carpet lasts longer.

Who wouldn't like to know how to take care of carpets and the best methods to remove stains? Those who have similar questions and are looking for answers will be happy to know that here below there is a list of well-written frequently asked questions related to carpet cleaning and their answers.

Check out the answers to FAQ about carpet stain removal and rug cleaning here below and find how to clean carpets.

Why do the colors of my rug fade away?

If you have handmade oriental rugs, you need to know that they are made by natural colors, which are very sensitive to the sunlight or strong products. Chemicals, which are often contained in foods or drinks, may also affect the colors and that's why stain removal must take place immediately. Avoid using chemicals during rug cleaning and always try soaps out on one tiny spot before you apply them to the whole surface.

Is it alright to do carpet cleaning on our own?

Cleaning by a carpet cleaning contractor is highly recommended, and must be done for at least two years from the carpet's purchase to protect its assurance of quality. But, if you necessarily have to do DIY upholstery cleaning in getting dirt off, you must follow very specific measures. Always remember to follow washing instructions from the carpet manufacturer. Use cleaning aides with ingredients and pH levels that are acceptable for the type of fabric. Don't use too much detergent or excessive vacuum cleaning as it can cause re-soiling and damage to the padding.

Which rugs get better over time?

It would be all handmade oriental rugs. If you treat them properly protecting their fibers and colors and you follow the right rug cleaning methods, Persian rugs will stay with your family for many generations. They are made with natural threads and colors and that's why their value is great. Natural products well-maintained will not only look more sophisticated over time but they will worth double. You need to remember to keep them out of the sun.

How often should I have my carpet or upholstery cleaned?

Expert carpet cleaners recommend every 6 to 12 months for your carpet and upholstery to be cleaned. Don’t wait for the carpets to look or smell bad before having them cleaned because in most cases, they become difficult to remove.

Why do my carpets smell bad?

Carpets smell bad for various reasons. Mold has the worse odor. Pet urine smells terrible, too. Food/drink stains also smell bad. As an overall, carpets don't smell nice even if they're not extensively stained or contaminated by mold. The reason for that is that they're on the floor. We step on them, drop things, walk with shoes and transfer dirt. They also get dusty and absorb all smells in the house. That's why regular carpet cleaning is necessary and considered the best odor removal method.

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